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Servo Motor Repair Prices, and Product Sales

Repair Prices
Fixed Pricing
Repair prices are listed below for most items. This is the price that you will be charged for the repair.
Items that are damaged beyond economical repair will be returned at no charge.

FREE Evaluation and Quote
For all other items, please ship us your item, or call. After receipt, we will provide you with a FREE repair quote. Most quotes are provided within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.

New and Reconditioned Servo Motors for Sale

TigerTek also offers New and Reconditioned Servo Motors for Sale. Below is a list of currently available inventory. Please contact us if you are interested in buying, or selling, Servo Motors. If your part number is not listed, please call — we will source for you.

Brand Part Number Description Repair
List US$
New Recon
TAMAGAWA 4602N8030E200 SERVO 603.00 Call Call
TAMAGAWA 800123R SERVO Call Call Call
TAMAGAWA 800123-T RESOLVER 1,719.00 Call Call
TAMAGAWA N0750-102-C-000 SERVO 1,120.00 Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS1980N56E12 SERVO Call Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS2650N11E78 SERVO Call Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS2651N141E78 RESOLVER 649.00 Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS3510N39E10 SERVO Call Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS3551N13E197 SERVO Call Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS4047N117E21SE SERVO 600.00 Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS4073N9E31 SERVO Call Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS4559E15 SERVO Call Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS4559N3E15 SERVO 1,343.00 Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS4888N9091E412 SERVO 1,120.00 Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS5304N510500CT SERVO Call Call Call
TAMAGAWA TS907NE137 SERVO Call Call Call
TAPISTRON B-806-C-21-016 SERVO 1,645.00 Call Call
TB WOODS WFC4007-5C AC INVERTER 1,295.00 Call Call
TECO CAT#N0204 DC MOTOR 700.00 Call Call
TECUMSEH 1455343 SERVO Call Call Call
TEKNIC M-3462-FH/B SERVO 602.00 Call Call
TEKNIC M3488FH SERVO 670.00 Call Call
TEKNIC M4780FH SERVO 660.00 Call Call
TEKNIC ME2330XX SERVO 665.00 Call Call
TH ZURRER LFHB7-67/4 DC MOTOR 1,100.00 Call Call
TOLOMATIC BC35130308 SERVO Call Call Call
TORQUE SYSTEMS 3528000M5000TACCO SERVO 920.00 Call Call
TORQUE SYSTEMS 403CLSP0S16 SERVO 1,181.00 Call Call
TORQUE SYSTEMS 404CNSP0S85 SERVO 1,506.00 Call Call
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